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Es una organizacion optoelectronica con sede en Estados Unidos, ha sido leder en la industria de lecturas de codigo de barras por mas de 20 aos. Es un desarrollador, fabricante y proveedir de sistemas de automatizacion y recoleccion de datos, Produce productos certificados bajo la norma ISO 9002.

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Opticon LG 7335 Lector Codigo de Barras

Opticon LG 7335

The LG 7335 is a high performance, dual purpose imager. Not only does it read all the common linear bar codes, it also provides reading of two dimensional bar codes.

Opticon LG2 Lector Inalambrico

Opticon LG2

The LG2 is truly a revolutionary new imager. Not only does it read all the common 2 dimensional and matrix bar codes, it also provides omni-directional reading of bar codes. The LG2 is available in a corded

Opticon LPN1736 Lector Omnidireccional

Opticon LPN1736

The miniature LPN1736 omni-directional laser scanner is one of the smallest, hands-free scanners available with a footprint requiring less than 3"by 3". This state-of-the-art scanner operates at 1000 scans

Opticon LGP 1125 5125 Lector o Escaner Punto de Venta

Opticon LGP 1125 5125

The LGP 1125-5125 scanner incorporates the new connectivity standard into an aggressive, rugged handheld CCD scanner resulting in the ideal scanner for PC connectivity. One scanner works with any manufacturers

Opticon LGP 6125 Lector o Escaner Punto de Venta

Opticon LGP 6125

Opticon has incorporated everything learned in more than 20 years of designing scanner to create the LGP 6125 . Operating at 200 scans/second its Opticons most aggressive, fastest, lightest, & best performing

Opticon LGZ Series Lector o Escaner Punto de Venta

Opticon LGZ Series

The LGZ Series of Handheld CCD scanners offer the durability and value of CCD technology with the depth-of-field and reading range of laser scanners.

Opticon PHL-2700 Terminals Terminal Movil de Datos

Opticon PHL-2700 Terminals

The PHL-2700 terminal is a programmable handheld terminal, well suited for a variety of indoor portable applications.

Opticon LA 115 119 Lector de Lapiz

Opticon LA 115 119

The rugged LA 115-119 Wands are built to take a beating. The extruded, seamless, stainless steel case withstands drops and rough handling.

Opticon LA 220 Lector de Lapiz

Opticon LA 220

The LA 220 "Smart" Wand has an internal decoder eliminating the need for a separate decoder box.

Opticon LC10M Badge Lector Tarjetas de Banda Magnetica

Opticon LC10M Badge

The rugged LC10M Slot Reader can have two slot readers in one ? both a magnetic stripe reader and a bar code slot reader.

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